Wee Landings was created when one of my friends was pregnant with her second child.  While looking for ways to integrate her baby into the family, she stumbled on the Montessori topponcino.  She knew this was exactly what she was looking for but found it hard to buy one in Canada. She wanted to touch, feel and get to know the product first hand so she turned to me, a sewing and fabrics addict, and the first topponcino was made. Since then, I have made topponcinos for other friends and family and they too absolutely fell in love with them and I wanted to share this product with others.

Wee Landings - the name was chosen because of the simple and practical child-centred approach behind the topponcino. It is meant to give a wee baby a comfortable, secure, soft and warm landing into their new world, moving from mama's womb to a new and exciting environment.  Like Maria Montessori, I love that the security pillow is a great way to integrate the baby into the family and world.  Your baby throughout its first few months of life will be able to lay comfortably on this pillow and meet its new surroundings with love, care and security. 

Your interest in Wee Landings is sincerely appreciated.

Warm Regards,


Wee Landings xo


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