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A beautiful, soft topponcino. We got one for our second child and were amazed at how well it worked. Our boy was very fussy, so the topponcino helped us transfer him without disturbing him a lot. It's especially amazing for anyone hesitant to hold a tiny baby as it gives them more support and a more comfortable hold. My husband always worried about holding our newborns and with the topponcino he was so much more comfortable as he felt like he had a better hold on our son. This is a baby product that I knew nothing about but now recommend to everyone and would definitely gift to new parents as an essential!


- TAMARA J. (Mama of 2)

Whitby, Ontario

The pillow is amazing! I am a new mum and received this as a gift.  I can't explain how versatile and useful this pillow is.  I have used it while trying to nurse my new infant. My friends and their kids visiting were able to hold my baby as well using the pillow. I like how easy it is to care for.  One simple wash keeps the cover clean.  This pillow is one that every household could benefit from. I would definitely recommend this to any new mum.


- GEORGINA J. (Mama to newborn)

Pickering, Ontario

I received the topponcino as a gift and it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I received.  I loved using it!  I love how easily the topponcino could be transferred from person to person without my baby noticing or being disturbed.  Most of all I loved how my 3 yr old daughter  was able to hold baby with the topponcino and she loved holding her baby brother!


- ANNA X. (Mama of 2)

Richmond Hill, Ontario

This is a great product for all little ones! Perfect size and lightweight for travel and super cute designs- many to choose from! What I love about this is that it makes it so much easier for siblings to hold their new baby sister or brother! Definitely safer and easier to transfer baby around to visitors and family who wishes to hold them.

- NANCY K. (Mama of 2)

Etobicoke, Ontario

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